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 Saving the Planet one Poop at a Time 

Cloth Diapering

Learn how to setup an easy zero-waste cloth diaper changing system at home, saving you thousands of dollars on disposable diapers and wipes

Zero-waste tricks

Learn other tips and tricks for low-impact parenting, including baby food, clothing, toys and postpartum care

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Start your 'green parenting' journey. Receive a cloth diaper starter kit by

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Workshops in Toronto

Green Parenting - Online workshop
Green Parenting - Online Workshop
Green Parenting - Online workshop
Green Parenting (Danforth) - Spring 2020


a 'mom and pop' operation that’s

kick-starting a

poo revolution!


Based in Toronto, this poo-wer couple is getting the city's dirty habit of plastic diapers out of our homes and landfills, plus saving families loads of money using low-impact parenting tricks!


Ryan Dyment (a.k.a. Diaper Dad)  is the financial director at EcoSchools Canada, the co-founder of the Toronto Tool Library and Sharing Depot, both community spaces that share essential resources in eco-friendly ways. 


Emily Hunter (a.k.a. Diaper Mom) has been an environmental leader with groups like Greenpeace and Sea Shepherd - fighting against climate change, plastic pollution, whaling, deforestation and more.




Join one of our upcoming workshops in Toronto.  Come away with knowledge and skills to start a low-impact parenting journey. Plus, get a FREE cloth diaper starter kit from Charlie Banana.  

Phone Consultation

Don't see a workshop in your city? Or prefer an individual session? We offer phone or Skype  consultations to new parents sharing all the key info from our workshops with you.


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