the Story of Diaper Dad


The Diaper Dad team featured in Toronto Life magazine

'Diaper Dad' started in New Zealand - where plastic bags got banned nationally (thanks in part to Diaper Mom) and where cloth diapers were all the rage. But when they moved their family to their native city of Toronto, they found waste-free parenting was missing from the picture and something was smelling pretty poo-ey.


On average, 5,000+ disposable diapers are used in a child's life (and no, they are not composted with the organics program in Toronto). Plus, parents are wasting  thousands of dollars on these unnecessary baby products. Something had to change so 'Diaper Dad' was born!


Ryan Dyment (a.k.a Diaper Dad) has been driving community projects for over six years that reduce waste and save money with the Toronto Tool Library and Sharing Depot, a reusable cups company called Dream Zero and more recently, serving as the Financial Director at EcoSchools Canada.


Emily Hunter (a.k.a. Diaper Mom) has been an environmental leader with organizations including Greenpeace, Sea Shepherd and the climate group - winning campaigns to save whales and putting an end to plastic pollution.

Our Philosophy

Diaper Dad is for everyone!

Gone are the days when we think of caring for our babies as "woman's work" - or at least that's how it should be. Diaper Dad is named as such because diaper duty is an important job for everyone - Dads and Moms alike. By learning waste-free parenting tricks like reusable wipes and diapers, you can save your family money and reduce your family's impact on this beautiful planet our kids will inherit.

But when we mention the Dads and Moms out there, its important to say we are equally inviting everyone to join this workshop. Diapers don't discriminate and neither do we. This space is for the same-sex families out there, for the single-Mom, for the partners, girlfriends, boyfriends, significant others, and so on. Whomever you live with, whomever you love and whomever will do the poo duty.

No matter what your budget is, you'll come away from our workshop with practical steps to change some dirty habits. That's why, if you can't afford the ticket price to this workshop, email us here and we'll offer a free workshop to families who express a financial need.


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