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Cloth Diapers

Here are the top 5 reasons to use cloth diapers:

  • 1) ECO-FRIENDLY: By using cloth diapers, you will save 5,000+ plastic diapers from ending up in landfill (per child).  Adding reusable wipes into the mix, you'll save 13K - 22K wipes from going to landfill (per child).

  • 2) JUST LIKE DISPOSABLES (but just way better): Forget the old cloth diaper our grandparents used with a pin to hold a piece of cloth together on a baby. Todays cloth diapers look similar to disposables but the only difference is that you throw them in the washing machine instead of the rubbish bin. Learn about different types of cloth diapers here.

  • 3) CLEANING SOLUTIONS: Most people avoid cloth diapers because they want to avoid the poo or they think it will be too much time to wash. But modern cloth diapers also have modern cleaning systems, meaning there are ways to avoid the poo and save time, so you can have your cake and eat it too! (Read about diaper cleaning systems here).


  • 4) CUSTOMIZE: An advantage to cloth diapers is there are different types of diapers, different materials (for sensitive skin)  and additional accessories that can give greater absorbency -- all which allow you to customize the diaper to your baby and family's needs. That's something that disposable diapers don't offer! Learn more about the types of diapers here and additional accessories here.

Disposable Diapers
Here are the top 5 reasons to ditch disposables:

  • 2) NOT COMPOSTED: Despite the City of Toronto accepting diapers into our Compost Bins, most of the diaper material (i.e. plastic) gets separated and sent to landfill. This additional trip makes for an expensive and energy intensive trip to the landfill.

  • 4) LONGER POTTY TRAINING: The ultra-absorbency in disposables can make potty training harder: Toddlers are less likely to feel wet and understand that they've peed or pooed their diapers, so they don’t have much desire (or interest) to say bye-bye to diapers.

Diaper Cost Comparison - per child

This costing below is based on a child in diapers from birth to 2.5 years (Potty age):

Basic costs of using Disposables - per baby

  • Disposable Diapers - $1,642.50

($0.30 per diaper @ 5,475 total lifetime of diapers)

  • 15 wipes per day average, water-based - $1,095.00

($0.08 per wipe @ 13,688 total lifetime of wipes)

  • Garbage bags - $41.60

($0.32 per bag @ 130 total garbage bags for baby)

Total cost = $2,779.10 (excluding taxes)

Optional Extras:

  • Diaper Genie - $45.00

  • Diaper Genie Bags $175.00

(buy in bulk, 1-year supply for 2.5 years)

Total Cost of Disposables (with extras) = $2,999.10

Total with taxes 13% = $3,388.98

Total savings using cloth diapers:

Used Cloth Diapers (cheapest option)

  • Disposables vs. Used (no extras) = $3,108.98 savings

  • With 2 Kids = $6,217.97 savings

New Cloth Diapers (expensive option)

  • Disposables versus New (with extras) = $2,362.33 savings

  • With 2 Kids = $4,724.66 savings

Basic costs of using Disposables - per baby

  • NEW Cloth Diapers @ Two Sizes - $600

(set of 20 cloth diapers @ $15 each for two sizes)

  • USED Cloth Diapers - $150.00 (average)

(package can vary, often it includes all diapers from birth to potty and wipes. Search on Facebook Marketplace or Kijiji Classifieds)

  • Cloth Wipes - $37.50

(set of 25 wipes @ $1.50 per wipe)

  • Extra washing machine load per week - $130

(including eco detergent and electricity)

Total cost of USED Diapers = $280.00 (no tax)

Total Cost of NEW Diapers (with taxes) = $850.38

Optional Extras:

  • Diaper Liners  - $20.00

(set of 20 liners @ $1 per liner)

  • Night-time Covers - $45.00

(set of 3 covers @ $15.00 per cover)

  • Package of extra inserts - $40.00

(set of 12 inserts@ $3.33 per insert)

  • Plastic Bucket (for dirty diaper storage) - $25.00

  • Waterproof Clutch Bag (for travel) - $26.00

(set of 2 bags @ $13.00 per bag)

Total Accessories = $176.28 (including taxes)

Cloth Diapers - Costing Options

  • Cheapest Version (used) = $280.00

  • Expensive Version (new) with extras - $1,026.66


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